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Vertigo of Freedom (Schwindel der Freiheit)
19 October 2012 – 27 January 2013
Balassi Institut – Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB)
Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland
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Interview with Kata Krasznahorkai, Ion Grigorescu & Jaro Kysa.
Artists: Jakup Ferri, Ion Grigorescu, Raphaël Grisey, Jaroslav Kysa, Imre Lepsényi, Société Réaliste, IPUT / Tamás St.Turba and Ulrich Vogl
Curator: Kata Krasznahorkai

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The exhibition Vertigo of Freedom (Schwindel der Freiheit) explores the darker side of freedom and the anxiety and dizziness it is capable of producing. Artists work in a field in which an unbounded, uncompromising quest for freedom is essential. Read More

Lobeckstraße 30, 10969 Berlin, Germany
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“Gemini 6 rendezvous” is the name of legendary meeting of two spacecrafts in orbit on December 17, 1965.This name was given to a group exhibition in Berlin’s “Schau Fenster” by the curatorial team Johannes Buss, Hannes Gruber and Thomas Gaska. 6 different artists were invited to this event: Anne Gathmann, Simone Gilges, Klaus Jörres, Carsten Recksik, Nina E. Schönfelds and Ulrich Vogl.

Heidestraße 14, 10557 Berlin, Germany
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The annual one day group exhibition at the Tape Modern in Berlin is already in its thirteenth year. This year’s show of 15 artists explores themes including the phenomenon of night life, the entertainment industry and the architecture of disco.

The large exhibition space, a former warehouse and itself a nightclub, houses works such as Melanie Manchot’s video installation of club bouncers from Ibiza. The videos see them getting dressed and undressing, as well as them posing in front of the real club.

The works encapsulate the atmosphere of entertainment and consumerism, where formality mixes with relaxation, privacy with communication and culture with cliché.