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Sibylla Dumke,
September 20 – October 26 2013,
Cruise&Callas, Alexandrinenstraße 1, 10969 Berlin
Alexandrinenstraße 1, 10969 Berlin, Deutschland
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Interview with Sibylla Dumke, artist: Sibylla Dumke.

Sibylla Dumke is showing for the third time in the gallery Cruise&Callas. For some time now her work has been quite intuitive having been inspired by the fragments of nature and products of civilization. At the current solo show she installed a scenario where the opposing elements are combined together. Collected branches are tinted by Japan Ink. Consequently, her objects are captured and held together by black colour.

The artist’s ‚Mumifying’ has several layers of meaning which are possible to interpret in different ways. The visual closeness of signification refers to the communication aspects oft he work. The objects composed in this way are signs; a language. Every objects bears a message: they were extracted from the process of returning from their real life function to deadly elements of nature. The branches were constructed as holders for leaves and those for production of air. A broken sole attracts our attention to the object in the dark. Nowadays these objects exist in our environment without a signification and function. Yet, in the constellation arranged in this way, the viewer is able to find a strong identification within himself when in a split second defines his own position in the society.


4–14 November 2012
The Horse
Boxhagener Straße 93, 10245 Berlin, Deutschland
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Interview with: Dani Jakob, Gabriel Vormstein, Sebastian Hammwöhner
Artists: David Adamo, Florian Baudrexel, Matthias Bitzer, Lutz Braun, Cornelia Brintzinger, Rick Buckley, Nathan Carter, Aleksander Cigale, Sibylla Dumke, Isabelle Fein, Berta Fischer, Annette Frick, Tine Furler, Olivier Guesselé-Garai & Antje Majewski, Julian Göthe, Sebastian Hammwöhner, Eric Hattan, Uwe Henneken, Willhelm Hein, Gregor Hildebrandt, Alexandra Hopf, Dani Jakob, Alicija Kwade, Matthias Lahme, Nathan Mabry, Frank Maier, Jonathan Monk, Gean Moreno & Ernesto Oroza, Boris Mrkonjic, Ariane Müller & Martin Ebner, Yasmin Müller, Edit Oderbolz, Henrik Olesen & Kirsten Pieroth, Julia Pfeiffer, Roseline Rannoch, Gunter Reski, Anselm Reyle, Stefan Rinck, Matthew Ronay, Annette Ruenzler, Björn Saul, Anja Schwörer, Markus Selg, Setareh Shabhazi, Juliane Solmsdorf, Dominik Steiner, Katja Strunz, David Thorpe, Wawa Tokarski, Jens Ullrich, Anke Völk, Gabriel Vormstein, Klaus Weber, Marcus Weber, Alexander Wolff, Claudia Zweifel
Curators: Dani Jakob, Gabriel Vormstein, Sebastian Hammwöhner

„Homage“ to the old place in Friedrichshain and its connotation. The event and exhibition by over 50 artists.

Köpenicker Straße 187, 10997 Berlin, Germany
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It is the joy of colour and its combination, as we know it from looking at beautiful carpets, that Sibylla Dumke calls forth in her work. A grid structure assembled from triangles is typical of the artist’s abstract paintings, whose planes Dumke paints in vibrant colour. The style of composition can appear almost coarse, but proves itself to be just as delicately employed as the colour.

Carpets are actually a source of inspiration for Dumke. The patterns of ancient African carpets spontaneously break up and suddenly head off in other directions. They are not like machine made objects, but rather with human spontaneity and an idea or intuition (for which a machine can provide no substitute), says Dumke.

At the same time Dumke’s works are interested in the contrast of the abstract-architectonic city, with all its geometric forms, and again its seemingly chaotic nature. Her way of working and colour combinations consequently appear in no way garish, gaudy or slick. Instead, artifi cial neon tones appear next to the sombre colours of nature, from earth, autumn and sky.