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Laika (Лайка),
October 5 (2013),
Kreuzberg Pavillon, Naunynstrasse 53, 10999 Berlin
Naunynstraße 53, 10999 Berlin, Germany
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Interview with Robert Barta, artists: Robert Barta, Thomas Behling and Mineo Kato.

The common theme of the group exhibition at Kreuzberg Pavillon in Berlin is a surreal situation and well known story of Laika, ‘the first dog in space’, who reached the sky, but died from overheating within hours after the launch. The artists Mineo Kato, Thomas Behling and Robert Barta created works that deal with ‘the infinite’ – even though the installation was ‘temporarily’ available only during the opening reception. In this video, Robert Barta provides us with an introduction to the concept behind the exhibition.


8–24 November 2012
Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin / TZB Gallery
Wilhelmstraße 44, 13593 Berlin, Deutschland
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Interview with Robert Barta, Martin Kohout, Libor Svoboda.
Artists: Robert Barta, Martin Kohout, Libor Svoboda, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová, Pavla Sceranková, Pola Sieverding, Philip Topolovac.
Curator: Alena Drahokoupilová

Group exhibition of young artists living and working in Prague and / or Berlin opens the new gallery “TZB” of the Czech Centre Berlin at the new premises. Read More

Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin, Germany
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Vom 20. Juni bis zum 05. Juli stellen die Künstlerinnen und Künstler des UferHallengeländes Malereien, Plastiken und Fotografien aus. Unter anderem auch große Namen wie Jonathan Meese und Katharina Grosse. Und wer darf dabei natürlich nicht fehlen: Der Norweger.