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Eagle African Share (Adler Afrika Aktie)
21–23 June 2013
Adalbertstraße 20, Berlin

Interview with Philip Metz; artist: Philip Metz; curated by Martin Kwade.

Eagle African Share (Adler Afrika Aktie) is a project by artist Philip Metz. The project ironically explores the entanglements in German-African history and concurrently, it is an investigation into new approaches to financing art projects.

While Germany has hardly come to terms with its colonial past, this still ignored and concealed part of history is yet a story of great impact, not only on the colonized, but also on the colonizing, with a fundamental impact of our understanding of “center” and “periphery”. The art project Eagle African explores this part of German history using photographs and video-installations, mostly shot in Ghana.

The creation of a “share” to support the project was inspired by the artist’s discovery that the Brandenburgisch-Afrikanische Compagnie (1682-1711), which was active in the triangular trade with bases in West Africa (f.e. in Groß-Friedrichsburg) and the Caribbean, is thought to have been the first German joint stock cooperation.