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Dessauerstraße 6, 12249 Berlin, Germany
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Italian artist Micol Assaël will be showing an array of seven imposing glass vitrines outfitted with 250 white drawings of small format from the series “Inner Disorder” (1999 – 2001) beside a large, black wall-painting. The display – vitrines made out of safety glass loaded on sturdy aluminum tubes – emphasizes the minimalism of the fragile works on paper and makes the arrangement appear as a methodological investigation.

Micol Assaël began these series of drawings during her stay in the desert-like Icelandic landscape as a study on the relationship between air and light. After her return to Rome, she made a habit of starting every day with the creation of a white ink drawing instead of writing down her dreams like she did before. In the way of diary sketches, the drawings attest to constant transformations within time.

The aesthetic lightness of the paper works seems to contrast Micol Assaël’s installations in space, usually made of a heavy, machine-like technicality and often challenging the visitor physically. In 2007 she exhibited an accessible container at Johann König, Berlin. Inside the container low-frequency motors run hot so that the space filled up with smoke and a gasoline stench. The humming and buzzing of the motors starting and stopping produced noise-harmonies which upon entering the container could be felt with the body.