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Invest in Contradiction
Bernard Controls China
Chaoyang, Peking, Volksrepublik China, 100023
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An Interview with Alessandro Rolandi, by Hana Janečková.
Artists: Alessandro Rolandi, Lulu Li, Megami Shimizu & Dodo Li
Curator: Alessandro Rolandi

Alessandro Rolandi is an artist and independent curator who has been based in Beijing for the past eight years. In addition he performs a role of a social sensibility manager for Bernard Controls Asia – Invest in Confidence. The French owned factory based in Beijing offers local workers clean and safe working environment, trade union, healthcare and lunches in local restaurant for every worker. On its premises Alessandro has been curating a programme of artist residencies for both local and Western artists. A participative collaboration ensuing aims to create new modes of intercultural exchange and challenge boundaries of hierarchy and tradition in both artistic practice, employees and the management of the factory.

– Hana Janeckova