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Eldenaer Straße 34, 10247 Berlin, Germany
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First it controls your mind … then it destroys your body

is the tagline of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. The same title was chosen for an exhibition where curator Aaron Moulton gathered more than twenty artists in the non-conventional venue, the Berlin Autocenter.

Located above a Lidl supermarket the show contained a few real stars of the visual arts scene, such as Douglas Gordon, Vuc Cosic, Cory Arcangel and others. It is only logical that the cramped space packed with such a significant number of artists seemed to be a little overcrowded.

The important artists were rather used to satisfy the ambitions of the organisers in the field of curatorship. However, it is useful to bring attention to the younger artists and compare them with renowned authors of video art and new media.