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4–14 November 2012
The Horse
Boxhagener Straße 93, 10245 Berlin, Deutschland
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Interview with: Dani Jakob, Gabriel Vormstein, Sebastian Hammwöhner
Artists: David Adamo, Florian Baudrexel, Matthias Bitzer, Lutz Braun, Cornelia Brintzinger, Rick Buckley, Nathan Carter, Aleksander Cigale, Sibylla Dumke, Isabelle Fein, Berta Fischer, Annette Frick, Tine Furler, Olivier Guesselé-Garai & Antje Majewski, Julian Göthe, Sebastian Hammwöhner, Eric Hattan, Uwe Henneken, Willhelm Hein, Gregor Hildebrandt, Alexandra Hopf, Dani Jakob, Alicija Kwade, Matthias Lahme, Nathan Mabry, Frank Maier, Jonathan Monk, Gean Moreno & Ernesto Oroza, Boris Mrkonjic, Ariane Müller & Martin Ebner, Yasmin Müller, Edit Oderbolz, Henrik Olesen & Kirsten Pieroth, Julia Pfeiffer, Roseline Rannoch, Gunter Reski, Anselm Reyle, Stefan Rinck, Matthew Ronay, Annette Ruenzler, Björn Saul, Anja Schwörer, Markus Selg, Setareh Shabhazi, Juliane Solmsdorf, Dominik Steiner, Katja Strunz, David Thorpe, Wawa Tokarski, Jens Ullrich, Anke Völk, Gabriel Vormstein, Klaus Weber, Marcus Weber, Alexander Wolff, Claudia Zweifel
Curators: Dani Jakob, Gabriel Vormstein, Sebastian Hammwöhner

„Homage“ to the old place in Friedrichshain and its connotation. The event and exhibition by over 50 artists.

Köpenicker Straße 187, 10997 Berlin, Germany
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On close inspection humour is unmistakeable in the works of Katja Strunz, which address decay in various ways. Writing in the artist‘s catalogue about the sculpture „Yesterday‘s Echos“ (2006) and the video piece of the same name and year, the American writer Suzanne Hudson describes this quality aptly:

For this work Strunz assembles a crowd of small fi gures, who are oddly made up of metal parts, ashtrays and candlesticks. Simultaneously bringing the tinny sounds of marching music together with the crowd, she sets the piece after a fashion in motion. Shortly afterwords follow taller figures, into which Strunz incorporates musical instruments.

At Cruise & Callas Strunz is showing an installation and a sculpture which are both in the same line as this work.