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Holzmarktstraße 15, 10179 Berlin, Germany
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Jan Christensen has always been an engaged observer of creative practices, picking up on ideas and recycling artistic output, as his oeuvre is an on-going experimental project on what constitutes art. His work ranges from large installations and wall paintings, to works on canvas, sound installations, photography, video, light objects, and sculptures. The artist carefully traces the trends of our time, whether in art, general culture, the economy, or society. Such interests translate into exuberant works of appropriated material, found objects for installations, or graphics and photography for illustrations, designs and painterly compositions.

In this way, Christensen creates works that reflect their different contexts. Some pieces are produced specifically for certain spatial situations. They refer to discourses in art as well as to the larger field of creative practices, popular culture and the engagement of the viewer. The occasional use of text, from rhetorical puzzles to modest personal statements, show the use of humour as a means to draw attention to the context of art and the ways we perceive it.

Jan Christensen´s current exhibition at c/o – Gerhardsen Gerner presents several new works, including wall paintings, photography, installation and an interactive sound installation.