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Title: The Observation In A Second Order » Katarina Ševic and Gergely László: House Museum«
Location: Ethnological Museum in Berlin
Frantisek Zachoval: talks to Katarina Ševic and Gergely László
Date: December 29, 2014

I met with artists Katarina Ševic and Gergely László at the Ethnological Museum in Berlin to talk about their project House Museum (2006), developed after being able to return to Ševic’s summer cottage in Žuljana, a small village on the Pelješac Peninsula (Croatia) after the civil war in ex-Yugoslavia (1991-2001). The ethnic conflicts prohibited Ševic, a Serbian citizen, and her family to enter Croatian territory and, therefore, inhabit the house. Thirteen years later, the artist returned and, working collectively with Gergely László, cleaned and repaired Read More

Berlin ~ REH Kunst ~ Katarina Šević and Tehnica Schweiz: Gasium et Circenses from on Vimeo.

Gasium et Circenses; May 15 – May 25, 2013; REH Kunst, Kopenhagener Strasse 17, 10437 Berlin

Interview with Gergely László; artist: Katarina Šević and Tehnica Schweiz (Gergely László & Péter Rákosi); curated by Hajnal Németh, Valeska Hageney.

The first part of the double-exhibition Gasium et Circenses is a complex art project that will be realized in various media simultaneously. The focus of the performance is an abandoned open stage in Budapest and its surroundings that have become the stage for the peripheries’ history. In the ancient times it was a colony in the northern parts of the country, the hidden corners of the Roman Empire in a way.