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Karl-Marx Allee 82, 10243 Berlin, Germany
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In Point of Fact, a site-specific work by Icelandic artist Darri Lorenzen (b. 1978), transforms the Krome Gallery into both a real and virtual protagonist, by the means of subtle interventions into its architecture and the generation of a 3D computer simulation.

The centre of the (real) space features an antique wooden vitrine, which came from the former Karl Marx bookstore adjacent to the gallery. This object of display becomes both the projection screen for an absent art object and an animated actor within the computer simulation.

Further actors are added as more people visit the exhibition, making the viewer an integral part of Lorenzen’s interplay of shifting and overlapping perceptions of space, time and body.

Linienstraße 142, 10115 Berlin, Germany
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Berlin based artist, Reynold Reynold will be building the film set of his latest video work Six Easy Pieces in one of MMX’s unique rooms, where the public will be encouraged to get a behind the scenes look at his production and filming process.

The screening room will be showing archivo video_dumbo, a presentation of over 35 video works from international video artists. Canadian artist Daniel Wilson will also build an interactive media installation.

Darri Lorenzen from Iceland is creating a site-specific installation, and there will be a motion sensitive drawing machine by Patrick Timm from Germany. Other works include site-specific drawings by Ingo Fröhlich and Karin Schroeder, video work by Spanish artist Pablo Fernandez Pujol, and a light installation in the garden by Jonathan Gröger.