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January 09 – Ferbruary 01, 2013
Kleine Humboldt Galerie
Unter den Linden 6, Campus Mitte, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland
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Interview with Yasmin Meinicke.
Artist: epidemiC/Franco Berardi, Vera Buhß, Yoonhee Kim, EunHee Lee, Magma, Milovan DeStil Marković, Otto Neurath, Ben Patterson, Mike Ruiz, Daniel Salomon, Edward Tufte, Ivar Veermäe.
Curated by Yasmin Meinicke.

When the intersolar spaceship Pioneer 10 was launched in 1972, it was equipped with a gilt metal plate – a message to potential extraterrestrial intelligence. The plate showed the schematic depiction of a man and a woman in relative proportions to the space shuttle, an interstellar map, and a model of the hyperfine transition of hydrogen. These signs were meant to be “universally” comprehendible, even for those potential life forms in outer space.

The exhibition Universalsprachen at the Kleine Humboldt Galerie* unites art works and objects from popular visual culture that take different approaches to achieve global communication through language. The show is not limited to signs that are immediately comprehendible, but includes communication systems that require decryption: Technical languages create correspondences between numbers, words, and images – and hence function as mediators in a globalised world. By confronting artistic and artificial languages the exhibition Universalsprachen reveals the versatility of communication pathways, their limits, and potentials.

* Kleine Humboldt Galerie is a student-run initiative for organising and curating exhibitions at Humboldt University of Berlin. Kleine Humboldt Galerie was first established in 1978 by employees of the University’s IT department, and has now arrived at its 191st exhibition after numerous historical and personnel changes.