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PAC – UA / Alexey Salmanov: Forest Means Cheaper
16 February – 17 March 2013
Chervonoarmiis'ka street, Kiew, Kyiv city, Ukraine
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Interview with Bjorn Geldhof.
Artist: Alexey Salmanov.

Curated by Eckhard Schneider & Bjorn Geldhof.

The exhibition ‘Forest Means Cheaper’ by Alexey Salmanov at the PinchukArtCentre in Kiev presents works made in particular for this show. The performative project was realized in New York and its framework develops multi-layered approach attacking a legitimacy of various mythological and historical events. By this method, the artist attempts to show human greed and desire for a wealth acquisition.

The installation extends into two rooms: the first one is an archive of the project and video projection is staged in the second room. 
Alexey Salmanov’s exhibition is organized under the framework of a series PAC – UA which follows works of mainly young and local artists. Alexey Salmanov (b. 1976) is the winner of the Special Prize of PinchukArtCentre Prize 2009.

Alexey Salmanov says about his project at the PinchukArtCentre: “Initially I wanted to speak about the presence of China in the geopolitical arena. During its realization, the project transformed into a completely different story. Its prologue has to do with the history of Manhattan, which was acquired by Europeans from Indians for a handful of necklaces that cost around 24 dollars. So I arrived in New York with a commercial proposal to buy this huge island once again for 25 monetary units, this time not American, but Chinese, 25 Yuans. I produced a poster saying “Will Buy Manhattan for 25 Yuans” and walked with it during the day through the busiest Manhattan streets.”

Alexey Salmanov graduated from the International Solomon Institute. He lives in Kiev.